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You will find on this website 2 letter domain names.These are;
PREMIUM, RARE, UNIQUE, BRANDABLE, SHORT and GENERIC top-level domains only with .com and .net extensions.
Choosing the right domain name for your business crucial for establishing and online presence. However, the dynamic nature of the digital landscape often requires flexibility in managing your domain names. Our service is providing three key options:
Hold, Redirect, and Lease.
What this mean for you?1) Hold Option:- Enables you to have Brand Protection and Consistency- Helps you with Brand Recall & Recognition and to establish Authority and Credibility- Gives you the freedom for Strategic Planning and prepares you for Future Expansion- Allows you to have 1 alias Email Address , (i.e. ⲭ@ⲭⲭ.com)- Brings you a Competitive Advantage instantly and Investment Potential on future- Grants you Exclusive Ownership Rights with us and ensuring that no one else can use that specific domainHere are some of them; ϙϙ.com , ꮃꮃ.com , ҳҳ.com2) Redirect Option:All benefits from Hold Option PLUS- Use it for an Existing Project- Shorten your Current Web-Page with a link- Bring potential customers from Social Media or other Platforms- Get up the 10 alias Email Addresses , (i.e. ⲭ@ⲭⲭ.com)- Fewer chances of typos. Letters (symbols & characters) represent your brand- Easy to Remember, Easy to Convey, Easy to Go Viral- Suitable for Mobile & Tablet usage- You will experience increased traffic and become more brandable.Here are some of them; ᴡᴡ.net , ϟϟ.net , 𐊴𐊴.net3) Lease Option:All benefits from Hold Option PLUS
more benefits from Redirect Option
- Immediate Access to your Premium Domain- Create a New Project and Manage it Whenever you want- Get up the 100 alias Email Addresses , (i.e. ⲭ@ⲭⲭ.com)- Design many sites up to 100 Sub-Domains (i.e. design.ⲭⲭ.com)- Minimized Start-up Costs and Cost-Effective solution instead of Purchase it- Flexible leasing time allows you to have short-term usage permission. It does not impose a long-term commitment requirement- Ensures a smooth online presence with NO Trademark Issues- Customer-friendly Predetermined Terms and Legal Protections- No hidden fees. All Fixed Payments and individual agreements to continue with Rolling Contracts- Sounds Professional and Instant RecognitionHere are some of them; ϝϝ.com , ԑԑ.com , ϻϻ.comExcited?The first release of 2-letter domains is live NOW!Improve your business with US!Grab your space while it is still AVAILABLE!





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List new domain(s)Please use this cabinet if you have 3-letter domain(s) or fewer.
Currently, we only support .com and .net extensions.
Listing Fee: Free
Commission Rate: 5%

In this cabinet, you have 2 options: HRL and SELL.
HRL option allows third parties to Hold & Redirect & Lease your domain.
SELL option allows third parties to Purchase your domain.


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